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Our goal is to provide current and former Columbia students with a virtual campus to reunite with classmates and professors in the Minecraft Virtual World.

By working together as a community, users can help rebuild Columbia in all of its glory, block by block.

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The IP address is; enter this in the Minecraft Multiplayer section to connect to the server

To contribute to the build, please fill out the google form with your email and your minecraft username.
New to minecraft? click here

Note: This server setup is only compatible with the Minecraft Java Edition
Windows, Mac, Linux


Join us

Designed for the Columbia Community
(This includes incoming students!)

1 - Fill out the google form with your email and your minecraft username! (new to minecraft? click here )
If you are a student, write down your Columbia or Barnard email, so we can grant you the "Student Rank"

2 - Join the Slack channel at

3 - Receive a reply message with the server's ip on your email (!

4 - Upon joining the server you'll be granted the rank of Passerby and can participate in Student Projects

5 - Have fun! Meet up with old friends! Make new friends! Perhaps even meet professors??

Student Projects

Good Luck on Finals


John Jay



We're pretty much working on EVERYTHING right now! Maybe you lived on floor 9 of John Jay last year? Build it! Or maybe you know inside of Buell like the back of your hand? Awesome! ALL STUDENTS CAN BUILD EVERYWHERE.


What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game where players can build a virtual world with blocks in a three-dimensional world.

Why Minecraft?

It does not require a gaming computer, and anyone in the world can connect to the Minecraft virtual world with a Mac, Window or Linux PC

New to Minecraft? No problem!

Getting started is about as simple as heading to and creating an account. Once you create an account, Mojang requires a one-time fee of $27 and then you have minecraft for the rest of your life!

Financial Difficulties?

Let us know! We're hoping to work with Columbia to help students gain access to this valuable resource.

Once you open up Minecraft
Press on "Multiplayer"
Then, press on "Add Server"
Name the server whatever you'd like (we recommend LionCraft!) and enter the IP address you've been sent (!
Congrats, now you have access to LionCraft!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the build scale?

A: The build scale is 1:1, where 1 meter = 1 Minecraft block. We measure the dimensions using Google Earth! It's a bit tricky to find the height of buildings online so make your best judgement.

Q: What are Lioncraft features?

Dynamic and Seamless Ranking System

Student projects that allow all Columbia students to build campus together

MCEdit for use by dedicated builders

Anti-Griefing System

Dedicated Staff

Awesome professor advising us

Q: How many players can your site hold?

A: We currently have about 35 Gigs of RAM and thus should be able to hold ~150 players. We will do our best to ensure that the server is a lag free experience for all and will upgrade if necessary.

Q: How do I sign up for a Minecraft account?

Getting started is about as simple as heading to and creating an account. Once you create an account, Mojang requires a one-time fee of $27 and then you have minecraft for the rest of your life!

Q: What Minecraft Edition is Lioncraft hosted at?

Lioncrafters use the Minecraft Java Edition

Q: I have a question about Minecraft?

Send us the question over the Slack!

Q: What inspired Lioncraft?

Everything started at the Columbia University VIRTUAL CAMPUS Design Challenge .

We noticed that students, on social media outlets, had been expressing how disconnected they feel from campus.
We hope to provide an opportunity for students to connect with each other “on campus” to combat the feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness before the Fall semester through a fun and interactive campus on Minecraft.
We have an awesome outline of campus, with almost all major buildings completed, and are working on expanding and designing the interiors of buildings. Feel free to help out :).
We plan on holding weekly events, such as the Hunger Games, building unveilings, hide and heek, and filming sessions.

Some resources to connect with CU students:

Rank System

We have a fluid and immersive ranking system that roughly resembles the persona of Columbia's actual campus, except all ranks can fly. The ranks are as follows:

Passerby: Default rank. Can explore and interact with campus.

Friend: All friends of Columbia. This includes members of other schools who are here to check out the server! Can explore and interact with campus.

Prospective: All prospective Columbia university students. Can explore and interact with campus.

Incoming: Any incoming students. Can explore and help build student projects.

Student: All current Columbia students. Can explore and help build student projects.

Alumni: Anyone who is a former Columbia student. Can explore and help build student projects.

Professor: Anyone who is a current or former Columbia professor. Can build anywhere and do anything.

Administrative Staff: All Columbia administrative staff. Can build anywhere and do anything.

President's Office:Senior Adminstration of Columbia University.

Builder: Anyone in our core dedicated team of builders. Can build anywhere and has access to WorldEdit commands.

Admin: Admin of the server. Regulate general aspects of server.

Owner: Owner.

Our Team


Lydia Chilton

Original Map Creators




Evan Tilley

Cindy Espinosa

Hector Liang

Annie Sui

Plugin Developer

Max Helman

Texture Pack Developer

Autumn Tilley

Minecraft Builders

Blood6conspiracy - jacobjooneyjae - CarbonCeramic - smorgisbored - theyummyhotdog - JSilvy - Chini5ko - german900 - PigTornado - imrart (he's rart)



Prof. Chilton:

Any problem with minecraft?

Send us a message over the Slack!